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    May 15, 2013
    4:00 - 5:01pm PDT  

how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. sky 7 live over a holiday inn express where police are investigating what they are calling a gruesome murder. >> hotel clean up crews came across a woman's body this afternoon in one bottom floor room. police say she died after an intense struggle. they're searching for a weapon. they have not said how she was killed. >> the holiday inn located in monterey highway in san jose just across from oakville memorial park.
police have set up mobile command post outside of the hotel. now they're going room to roonl, talking to guests to see if anyone heard, or saw anything that might help them solve this crime. abc 7 news is at the scene and will be bringing us new information live on abc 7 news at 5:00. and our reporting continues right now on twitter following us at abc 7 news bay area. >> we have breaking news now in alameda county. a pedestrian hilt by a train in san lor yenzo. you're looking at video that happened on luelling road. we're told the train will be moving again, soon. the victim was not a student. remember last month a teenager was killed on the tracks playing chicken with the train autos developing news this afternoon in lake county. a tragic entding to the search for mick kayla lynch. divers located the body of the 9-year-old this morning in cash creek running near the family's vacation home. mckalea, who has autism, disappeared sunday afternoon playing outside with her brother.
that sparked a massive search effort including hundreds of volunteers and laumplt officials. a dive team discovered the body from n.a creek before noon. the family said she loved water but could not swim. police say there is no indication of foul play but they're not giving other details now. >> and an he megsal zmeen a courtroom today. a 12-year-old boy made his first appearance before a judge. >> he's charged with murdering his sister, 8-year-old laila fowler. laura joins us now with more, laura? >> two and a half weeks ago the family faced an unimaginable murder of their child in their home. today, it got that much worse, their 12-year-old son stood before a judge accused of killing his little sister. >> they entered the court house without saying a word. the family and other family
members accused to stabbing to death his 8-year-old sister. >> i'm sure every family can understand they're going through difficult times. >> the boys, shown near a community vigil charged with murder in the death of young laila killed last month. she was stabbed multiple times. the boy initially called his parents at a little league game to tell them he found an intruder in their home. his dad's fiancee made this call. >> how can i help you? >> my children are home alone. a man just ran out of our house. >> after 15 days of investigation and several searches of the home in nearby fields sheriffs say there was no stranger. the boys attorneys say they have lots of questions for investigator autos questions are why did the police think the minor did it? what evidence is out there? how valid is it? >> the boy expected back here in court in two weeks and did
not enter a plea today, at that time sh his attorneys are expected to ask the judge he be released to his family, pending the outcome of the juvenile proceedings. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> developing news out of washington dc. the president just announced the man in charge of the irs has been forced nout response to the scandal involving agents improperly screening conservative groups. >> mr. obama says acting commissioner steven miller was asked to resign and he did. the president called actions by the irs unveiled by a treasury inspector general inexcuseable. he says this will not be tolerated. >> i'll do everything to make sure nothing like this happens again. by holding responsible party as ktable, putting in place checks and safeguards and going forward making sure the laws applied as it should be. in a fair, impartial way.
>> the commence came after attorney general holder testified before the house committee today, telling lawmakers his department will look into potential civil rights violation and happening now in kern county, take a look at the city's plan consuming forest land. 750 acres so far. the wildfire burning in frasier park between bakersfield and los angeles. these are live pictures. the ground fire prompted evacuation of a nearby high school. there is a mandatory evacuation order. we'll have updates at 5:00 and on twitter. >> here in the bay area, sky 7 over a smaller brush fire burning in san jose. close to highway 87 in west tailor street. so far,.
>> it's cooler today which i imagine is help oofl still breezy out there. >> pattern with the exception of the fact it's breezy. you can see clouds increasing and we might have he wet weather as well. taking a look live from our east bay camera, we can see quite a bit of blue. clouds are increasing. 63 across the bay in oakland, mountain view, 6. 57 half moon bay. a live view from mount tam looking down on to the bay and under partly cloudy skies here, we have temperatures of 77 in santa rosa. looking live at the golden gate bridge you can see clouds this, is the first forecast.
by morning there will be a chance of light showers and by afternoon, looking at spotty showers around the bay area. high temperatures from mid-50s to about 70 and 72 inland. in the middle of may any rain is exciting. >> thank you. >> and be sthour follow us on twitter, temperatures heat up and fire danger per sifs sifts. sky 7 over the scene of a apartment fire. red cross is helping those displaced. two residents suffered injuries in the fire. reported around 5:00 this morning. damage being assessed. crews say it appears the building was destroyed. >> it was just flames and cars like in the park. and we just had to get out immediately. i had no reactions.
just my family and s.in need. >> the elementary school next door provided a place for evacuees to gather. >> neighbors today are urging for safety improvements on a road where a 5-year-old girl died after being hit by a car yesterday. eileen was crossing the veet with her aunt and sister when she was struck yesterday. this happened on bluefield drive near park view school. crossing guards are now on duty and teachers holding signs urging drivers there to slow down. the speed limit is p 25 miles per hour. but neighbors say speeding is a big problem here, they think it may have been a factor in the accident every day, there is a morning rush. school starts. there is a rush when they leave around 3:30. people don't slow down. i think that when you get near a school it should be a rule to slow down. >> police say too early to tell if speed played a role in this accident. sky 7 shows officers on the
scene here investigating investigation. >> san francisco police chief being sued by a former police prosecutor investigating for misconduct and once sought his dismissal. kelly o'hare laid off in 2011 less than a month after was sworn in as chief. two years prior she had been investigating sur for supposedly not filing a domestic violence report against a friend. she looked his role in the fajita gate scandal. she says she received threats to drop the investigations. >> it was a clear retaliation issue. and i think everyone knew this was coming and a possibility. i didn't think in today's government, that this could happen. >> the san francisco police department responded this afternoon saying we can only confirm a lawsuit has been received and we will not
release information that may influence this process. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 reports of more surgery for actress angelina jolie after revealing she had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. >> google glasses close to hitting the market and the streets. the warning about driving with glass. >> and at 4:30 a disneyworld investigation. how the 1% say they skipped to the front of the lines during family vacation autos and michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook will answer them here live. you can contact michael on facebook.com/michael finney abc 7 and on twitter. >> and taking a look at traffic, it's heavy there on the left side of the screen. for drivers heading south towards peninsula and beyond, it's moving better.
just yesterday angelina jolie revealed she'd had a double mastectomy. today she says she plans to undergo a second procedure. people magazine reports she will have surgery to remove her owe varies as soon as possible. her doctors say she has a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer, jolie revealed she had a double mastectomy after a test reveals she has the gene tied to a increased risk of breast cancer. >> the much anticipated google glasses are getting closer to
hitting streets but they're not necessarily welcome on the road. the california patrol says google glass should be considered a distraction to drivers like a smart phone. chp says laws are not needed to limit their use behind the wheel. >> no different from any other distraction. there is lots of activities that, while there may not be a section prohibiting it, they're not safe to do behind the vehicle so. google glasses would be the same. >> google glass may be a year away from hitting shelves. a survey found that only one in 10 adult who's use a smart phone would consider the glasses. >> google is offering a new music service.
good afternoon. the series costs $9.99 a month, laumpbling today in the united states. other exciting announcements include a major redesign of google maps. cisco reporting earnings after the bell today the biggest maker of networking. third quarter profit that beat estimates. according to documents the justice department is calling apple the ring leader in a plot to fix e book prices. apple executives including steve jobs are accused of conspiring with publishing companies to raise its e book price. u.s. stocks rose again today. s and p has new reached a fresh high for nine out of the last 10 days. your bloomberg silicon valley
index falling today, as apple shares fell for a second straight session. so is powering down your phones on blaenz take off and landing necessary? according to evidence electronics can interfere with flight equipment and turning off is critical to passenger safety. faa expected to unveil new recommendations in july. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> if you haven't bought a power ball, you might want to pick one up. >> tonight's jackpot is $360 million. >> a single ticket would pay out $229.2 million the winner,
you'll know if it's 8:00 tonight. >> odds are not great. >> they're not even good. >> they're poor. one in 173 million. >> there is a work pool. >> i'm n i doubled down. >> there is nothing more depressing if you're the last one. >> he's got init and done the math. clouds, it's early spring, late spring cold front. and it may bring us a sprinkle or two. it has produced gusts of 26 miles per hour at sfo.
and now, it's pretty breezy. mostly cloudy skies overnight. and for next couple days it's going to feel unmay like. clouds ahead of the advancing frontal sits tim. front will bring more clouds and some showers, tropical storm alvin well south of mexico moving from land areas or populated areas. let's get back to forecast animation at 7:00 this evening, through the overnight hours, clouds thickening by 5:00 in the morning we'll see arrival of perhaps first drain drops along the coastline.
later in the morning we'll see light showers, then throughout the remainder of the day into friday there is a chance of light showers about 5:00 friday morning, there could be wet spots in the south bay. showers end by friday morning and we'll take a look at rainfall totals for that area. overnight, increasing clouds, will be mild, low temperatures mainly into mid-50s and then, tomorrow, with clouds thickening will be a cool day. breezy at the coast. upper 60s around the bay maybe 70s into inland locations. we've got two days of this cooler than average weather.
and maybe lingering showers. by sunday, monday, highs up near 90 degrees. so this is a cool spell. >> if we hit power ball i'll give you a portion of mine. >> i do appreciate that. >> a small portion. >> all right. san francisco zoo's tiger cubs now have improper names. >> building owner reez joyce today after squatters are removed. we'll show how that raid went down. >> looking hazy right now. traffic moving okay here.
newest tiger cub at the zoo has a new name. >> check him out. 3-month-old is called jillian. looks like a little kitty cat. >> this is a what he was named last week. the winner paid $47,000 for the right to have the cub named after her. >> that is the way she can carry it around. >> yes. look at that. >> it's a she? right? >> well, it's assuming with a name of jillian. >> yes.
>> a boy tiger named jillian may have problems in the wild. >> if highest bidder had been a man the cub would have had that name that. is disturbing. >> especially if you're jillian. let's move on. milestone, aren't you glad i'm back? a milestone elimination for dancing with the stars and star trek lands in l.a.. >> the cast of star trek spent nearly a month treking across the globe. the premier celebrated u.s. opening of the flick along with star deck's long time fans. >> they are passionate and die hard. >> and optimism is remarkable after almost 50 years. >> star trek into darkness warps into theaters tomorrow.
dancing with the stars el braited last night it's 300th episode. >> i would have wanted to have the tweet from the fans. >> it won't have been fair. i said my knees are shot. from this jiving and all charlestoning. all in the battle for the mirror ball trophy that. is our money night here on abc. i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 o.j. simpson takes the stand whae. says happened on night of a 2008 armed robbery in the bad advise he says he received. >> why it's never a good idea to cutoff a big rig on the road.
>> and outrageous method some people are using to skip to
o.j. simpson did something we've never seen before,
testifying for himself in a criminal trial he zeefshz a new trial. the 65-year-old as you can see looking different when he did when convicted in 2008. simpson now says he received botched legal advises. it's now been almost 18 years since the first criminal trial for the murder of his ex-wife ask her friend. we have details of today's testimony. >> just like being ready for a big game o.j. simpson ready to testify for freedom. >> i was what these guys had to have done. >> the former great hoping to convince a judge he deserves a new trial for 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping. since testifying he was advise thed he had a legal right to confront two men selling
sports memorabilia. >> if you're walking down street and saw a lap top with your name on it in a car, you can use force to break the window of the car to get the lap top. >> did you trust him? >> yes. >> simpson spent four years behind bar was one wrist handcuffed to the stand, the 65-year-old had difficulty pouring water. still, he often smiled in court his credibility is now in question. he described drinking the day of the heist and what it's like seeing his belongings displayed for sale. >> these are things i saved and i was he moek motional bit. i didn't break into anyone's room, i didn't beat up anyone, i didn't try to muscle the guys. and the guys acknowledged it was my stuff. >> o.j. simpson expected to be
on the stand all day, claiming they never told him about a plea deal. galanter takes the stand on friday. >> new details emerging about the allegations against a senior ranking army sargeant handling sexual assault cases at fort hood, texas one staffer says the sargeant is accused of forcing a lower-ranked soldzer into prostitution the name has not been released. he is the second person owe a.signed to investigate sexual assaults in the military. >> these individuals are the tip of the spear, these individuals have been identified as stars. people going to be in military leadership. and they're placed in this
important position, then, we find out they're sexual predators. >> last week an officer was arrested with charges of groping a woman. >> a cleveland man charged withholding three women hostage for a decade will face not guilty. prosecutors say a charge of aggravated murder could be added for allegedly beating one woman to force miscarriages. one woman visited a hair salon for the first time in a decade. none of the three kidnapped women has been seen in public since release from the hospital last week. >> a man dribbling a soccer ball across north america fr a charity was killed by a truck. richard swanson planned to dribble 10,000 miles. the journey raising money for one world football project a berkeley nonprofit donating
soccer balls to children. he set out two weeks ago. people say he was good natured and couldn't wait to make it to the pacific coast. >> he was excited that he was two days are from the beach. >> the driver of the truck was not charged after the accident. his son said he hopes to some day continue the journey. >> if you cut in front of a big rig, take a look at this. the demonstration stopping distance set up by the california patrol compared how long it takes a motorcycle, car and 18 wheeler to stop if traveling at 55 miles per hour.
the message from the chp do not stay in a blind spot. >> you've got to be able to see each other for him to see the car. so you need to be aware of the so called no zone. don't cut the truck off. he can't stop. >> two years ago, 3400 people died nationwide in accidents between cars and big rig autos investigators reporting cases of wealthy visitors, manhattan moms paying a disabled black market guide in a scooter $130 an hour to get them special access to rides. in the report one unnamed mom bragged they waited only a minute to get on to "its a small world". she says this is how 1% does disney. the tour company denies the claims. >> sacramento kings, good news,
li to remain in sacramento. nba board rejected relocation to seattle. nba made that announcement this afternoon. >> but the nba decided sacramento has a stronger plan with a new $250 million arena in the works and a back up plan including silicon valley billionaire, help me here, larry. >> she's a part owner of the warriors which is an own sureship stake she'd like to give up. do or die, speaking of the warriors they're back getting ready for game six. warrior muz win over or the season is over. neither coach nor players blaming this loss on injury or fatigue. >> they play better. they didn't make excuses when we were dominating and we're
not going make excuses when they're out, playing us. >> so that krurnl game six is tomorrow night. you know, it's going to be roracle for sure. and look. if they just bring normal games, they can win game six, then force a game seven. >> it's going to be challenging. >> let's take a game at a time oo. let's not worry about game sempb. >> yes. you're right. >> win game six. >> we want to see your pride in both bay area teams in playoffs. e mail your photos to us at you reports at kgo-tv om.com. >> still ahead a major break through in embryonic stem cell research. >> plus, more backlash for abercrombie and fish.
saying they don't want large customers. >> today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead i'm still taking your questions. you can contact me on facebook.com/michael finney abc 7 and on twitter. i'll answer questions here live in just a moment. >> i'm spencer chris chib. looking towards mount diablo a mix of blue skies and clouds. coming hours we'll see more clouds. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic and san jose. this is 280, highway 17 and 880 there running across the top of the screen. you can see things moving nicely for drivers in both directions in san jose right now. abc 7 news
>> it's not a job for anyone afraid of heights. crews getting to work repairing the washington monument when sustained damage two years ago this, is video from the national park service. the magnitude 5.8 quake caused cracks so wide, you can see daylight coming through. the project being funded by the government. >> aber bomb -- abercrombie and fish made news when his
clothes were only for the young and hot. >> today, i traveled to a los angeles goodwill. i scoured racks for donated abercrombie and fish clothing. i began to worry it was sending representatives to buy up the clothes. >> he produced this video to promote his fro jekt. the goal to change the branding but donating its clothes to the homeless. >> the retailer according to carver destroys old and damaged clothing rather ta than donating the i'll it yims to try to keep the brand special. >> take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds increasing now. we have big patches of blue at the moment. tomorrow going to be mild to warm. showers in the mississippi
valley. here in california looks like we may see showers tomorrow, 50 in tahoe. looks like it will be shower yeefr the sierra. through central valley, 70. and 97 in palm springs there is a chance of showers in the bay area, during early morning hour, spotty showers developing. during the day breezy at the coast. cooler than average. high temperatures mainly 60s around bat th bay to perhaps low 70s inland. let's me take you down to downtown san jose. the weekend ahead in san jose only highs in the 60s tomorrow, that is the kind of wattern
we'll see area wide. and a warming trend peeks at about 806789 weird week of weather coming up. >> thank you. >> still ahead an unforgetable prom night. a stop some students had to make on their way to the dance. >> plus a crisis brewing in the coffee industry if you shop out of town and give them your zip code can they text you according to sales tax in
>> it was anything but typical prom night for florida teenagers the group on their way to the big party when their limo came upon an overturned van instead of passing by then minding their own business. the driver and kids decked nout prom he wear leaped into action, pulling seven injured people from the van. >> i said i've got to go help. as soon as he got out, i started to get out of the car as well. he went towards the front of the car. and i went towards the trunk, the first person i saw was the
little kid. >> i remember them yelling get out of the car. get out. >> i feel it's something i'll never forget. they were happy to be interest to help people in need. >> checking healthy living news a first in reagain ra tiff medicine. researchers say they have produced embryonic stem cell researches from cloned embryos. it's take kbren a decade of trying. this could leads to rejection-free transplant issue. >> a new drug targeted for treatment of advanced prostate cancer received approval. taish yents did live a few
months longer. 240,000 u.s. men will be diagnosed this year. >> concern growing over a fungus threatening the coffee crop there. an emergency summit between the countries and largest buyers failed to come up with answers for the problem. so far prices of some varieties of guatemalan coffee have gone up more than 70 cents per pound. >> someone wants to chat over a cup of coffee. one site says a bidder paid $610,000 for the meeting.
wow that is phenomenal. >> finance taftic. >> yes. >> absolutely michael finney is here now answering questions sent to you by facebook, twitter skpe. mail. if you have two gets a collection agency, one is a zombie debt and one paid, can the delay taking the paid -- can they delay taking paid fees and take longer reporting to it credit bureaus? >> no. they can not. if i understand it there are two here a, b, or a. this is a, a very old debt that didn't get paid. seven years passed. and then it pops back up. so it's a zombie debt there is
another debt that is good. if she or he is making a payment to one debt they're not awill youed to move that money around. they're a collection agency not your mom. >> which was a? >> a. >> all right. >> i can purchase items on sale and pay tax on the sales price y do we have to pay tax on the full price of the cell phone when buying them on sale? >> it's not a sale price. you're paying for the phone but you're paying for it month after month with this expensive cell phone contract. that is why you pay in the full retail, i wish we'd do it like in europe. two different purchases here we mix them up. >> i just want a pair of shoes
online today i had a gift card. so i was still charged for full price of the shoes with tax not on what, after this gift card was deducted. is that normal? >> charged for tax? >> like $100 my gift card for $50 they charged me $100 tax. >> they have to charge you for the tax. i assume it's a national firm? >> yes. >> they've cut deals saying they will charge on an entire purchase. and you don't pay tax n a gift card, but when you actually purchase asking. >> shalina asks me if you shop out of town they tax you to aerding to where live. is that right?
>> state of california says if you walk into a sister they have to charge you tax for where they're located. if you say hold it and then ship it then they'll charge l you for stachl in your county or location. >> okay. another one now. >> questions there. >> yes. >> up next exclusive video of a san francisco police raid on a building taken over by squatter autos yorns say this should have been done sooner. >> coming up at 5:00 apple hits a major app milestone. the $50 billionth use kbrer to receive a valuable gift card. and open perfect's student rights here in the bay area. you'll hear
here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00, the and followed by
how to live with your parents for the rest of your life at 9:30. an hour of nashville at 10:00 then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> police launched an early morning raid on a building in san francisco occupied for months by two dozen squatter autos this happened in the city's ocean view neighborhood at broad street. abc 7 news was the only media outlet there where that raid happened. >> now, all of the details for us. vic? >> and for the owners in a long nightmare because of the trespassers. they cannot develop their own property. they blamed police for the delay. police say legal questions took time. >> two people were arrested, one for resisting officers commands and another for parole violation. >> came here allowed to put
everyone inside to get there. ochsers escorted them to have a holding area. police toll us various groups had been living on the property 8 months. we spoke to several of the occupiers they told us they wanted to create a community center for people in the neighborhood. two families bought the former church eight years ago. the plans to demolish it. the owners say the raid should have come sooner. >> this family has not had any proper response from the police. >> lawyer dan bacon told abc 7 news owners contacted police half a dozen times since early april. police say at the time, he
owners declined to press skmarjz that officers opt scene advised them on eviction process which would be carried out by the sheriff. now regarding owners complaints plis say there were legal consideration chz were pass add long to the city attorney. that took time. trespass sag misdemeanor. but this was a civil case. or not. in the end they determined it to be a criminal case. so they went in this morning and renewed -- removed trespasser autos we have a slide show on abc 7 news.com showing images from the raid. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> thank you. breaking news out of the south bay. a gruesome discovery in a holiday inn. >> and the search for a missing autistic girl cups to a sad ending.
how it's sit hiting her school community who helped look for her. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. spring showers on the way. i'll have timing coming up. >> a grim discovery inside of a motel room. police find the body of a a woman who appears to have a intense fight with her attack yir trying to save her live. >> good evening. sky 7 over the scene of the murder at holiday inn express. it's san jose's 15th homicide of the year. david? >> it was a hotel employee here at the holiday inn who made the discovery of the dead woman's body inside of a room. that room with open door, police are still conducting their investigation.
as you can see there was a massive response by police units. police say the body showed signs of a violent struggle. they're not sure whether this happened here or whether it was elsewhere a spokesman says it appears the medical examiner swil have to determine the cause of death. >> we haven't found witnesses but that is part of the investigation. hopefully we'll find someone out there that knows what happened. >> and this is the 15th homicide in san jose this year. room doors here open to a large lot and people driving along busy monterey road also have a clear view